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299Induced Fan Draft Kit -

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  • energy.biomass
    Feb 3 9:06 PM
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      Thanks for the information on ID Fan vacuum stove operation. If the
      corn stove will burn wood pellets, it should be able to burn about
      any fuel. Does anyone know where to purchase a small pelletizer for
      home use?
      --- In cornplace@yahoogroups.com, "Cornstoves" <haclift@...> wrote:
      > The ID Fan Draft Kit is available for Model 2100, 4100, and 7100
      corn stoves.
      > Advantages include but are not limited to:
      > Clean operation - Expect the house to stay super clean with no
      > Any air leakage is sucked into the corn stove furnace rather than
      > potentially leaking outside.
      > Multiple fuel operation - Corn can be mixed with other solid fuels
      > like wood pellets. Potentially other solid fuel prices could
      > occasionally be available competitive with shelled corn.
      > Auger - The auger will run cooler and last longer. When the hopper
      > runs empty, the auger will no longer get hot and sieze.
      > Dust - Hopper dust will be pulled into the combustion furnace
      > than collecting in the auger or sticking in the corn chute.
      > Please request the following part numbers:
      > K-2085MF - Model 2100
      > K-4085MF - Model 4100
      > K-7085MF - Model 7100
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