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202Purchase corn from a local corn farm

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  • Cornstoves
    Apr 7, 2007
      Perfect Competition - Supply and demand control prices at average
      production cost. Millions of farms approach perfect competition by
      increasing the corn supply at the slightest increase in corn price.

      Perfect Monopoly - A single supplier has complete control over
      prices. The local utility is a perfect monopoly. Prices may be tax
      supported or tax subsidized. Big oil has limited competition.
      Energy tax is an easy tax on poor and working class that does not
      affect the rich in the least. The energy tax is paid by each worker
      driving to work daily. The exorbitant gasoline tax hardly affects the
      price of a plane ticket.

      --- In cornplace@yahoogroups.com, Ken <ken.meinken@...> wrote:
      > yellowcorvette4 wrote:
      > > Big oil corps control petro prices.
      > Actually supply and demand (and gov't policies) control
      oil/gasoline prices.
      > The government makes more money off of a gallon of gas than the oil
      > companies do.
      > >Local corn farms have no control
      > > over corn prices.
      > Again, supply and demand. Of course, both supply and demand are
      > affected by government policies.
      > > Beef feeders or horse feeders may also lazily choose to pay
      > > price for corn or purchase directly from the local corn farm.
      > Horses do not eat straight corn. It's very dangerous for them.
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