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200Purchase corn from a local corn farm

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  • yellowcorvette4
    Apr 6, 2007
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      Big oil corps control petro prices. Local corn farms have no control
      over corn prices. Corn prices that double on the open market only
      reward the local corn farm with ten cents more per gallon. To avoid
      volatile market prices, purchase corn directly from the local corn
      Beef feeders or horse feeders may also lazily choose to pay market
      price for corn or purchase directly from the local corn farm. Ever
      wonder where corn markets get corn? Most purchase from a corn farm and
      sell for profit. It pays dividends and saves money to know thy

      --- In cornplace@yahoogroups.com, Ken <ken.meinken@...> wrote:
      > Cornstoves wrote:
      > > Listen up! Ethanol ear money stays home. Money otherwise ear marked
      > > for MidEast tourist and terrorist will stay home to tame the local
      > > economy.
      > Corn takes a lot of energy to produce it: diesel fuel for
      > tractors and dryers, and fertilizer. Where does the fuel and
      > fertilizer come from? OIL
      > Of course _corn_ farmers love the high prices....even if it takes
      > the cattle and hog farmers when their feed prices double.
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