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199The Cost of Corn

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  • yellowcorvette4
    Apr 6, 2007
      Ken, Does corn heat take food away from the elderly, the poor, babies,
      and other countries? Will beef suffer? In realty, increased corn use
      and production results in less cost per unit of production for corn.
      In contrast, increased demand for Petroleum energy will result in
      increased cost per unit of energy. The more corn used, the more corn
      local farms plant. Farm machinery, land, labor infrastructure is
      already in place resulting in increased production at very little
      increase in farm cost. Multiply the response by 2 million local farm
      families as compared to about five major profit oriented petroleum

      UTK Ag extension stats estimate 14 minutes labor to raise one acre of
      corn with 7 minutes machinery time. National corn production averages
      1500 gallons corn per acre. 1500 to 0.5 is a good local return on corn
      production. Compare petroleum which takes one gallon to deliver each
      gallon consumed.

      Artificial corn drying is not required for a corn stove. Corn dry
      enough to slide will burn in a corn stove. Corn storage in a silo is
      adequately dry if corn harvest is two weeks post frost. Solar field
      drying is adequate.

      Fertilizer depends on the source. Once again, avoid petroleum based
      fertilizer. Low till or no till corn used stalks, roots, and animals to
      naturally fertilize the soil.

      Stats provided by the Univ of Pa are obsolete and inaccurate. The corn
      stove used for analysis was not a modern efficient corn stove. The
      comparable energy was erraneously stated to be 100% efficient
      electricity. Grid Electricity is roughly 25% efficient as delivered to
      point of use.

      . --- In cornplace@yahoogroups.com, Ken <ken.meinken@...> wrote:
      > Cornstoves wrote:
      > > Listen up! Ethanol ear money stays home. Money otherwise ear marked
      > > for MidEast tourist and terrorist will stay home to tame the local
      > > economy.
      > Corn takes a lot of energy to produce it: diesel fuel for
      > tractors and dryers, and fertilizer. Where does the fuel and
      > fertilizer come from? OIL
      > Of course _corn_ farmers love the high prices....even if it takes
      > the cattle and hog farmers when their feed prices double.
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