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190Corn Cost Less

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  • cornstoves
    Mar 5, 2007
      Talk to someone heating with corn that previously heated with wood.
      This week end at Gray Tenn Fairgrounds you can talk to wood workers
      with access to unlimited free wood. They heat the house with corn.
      You can also talk to Dyke Parker, a corn stove owner that switched
      after his house burned down with a coal/wood stove. The labor cost
      for heating with wood can not be ignored. Some heating cost are not
      readily visible.

      Hidden cost associated with coal/wood are not limited to house or
      health hazard. Consider liability from visitor safety, home heat when
      sick or disabled, or cresote fire hazards: misc-
      kids/babyproofing/general/, http://www.newsgroups-
      index.com/group/misc_-answers_l60.html--- In

      Ken <ken.meinken@...> wrote:
      > I get a "not found" on the cost comparison you reference. But
      looking at
      > http://www.pelletheat.org/3/residential/compareFuel.cfm
      > firewood at $150/cord and 50% efficiency is a lot cheaper than
      > at the current $250/ton and 80% efficiency. Likewise coal is less
      > expensive at 50%.
      > Corn is NOT going for $2-3 a bushel today. Nobody knows what it
      will be
      > next year, it might collapse back to $3 (unlikely IMO) or might go
      > $6. That depends upon the government sponsored manipulation.
      > I am not knocking corn by any means. But it certainly is not a
      > to replace gasoline (BTW, ethanol reduces gas mileage). It's just a
      > political boondoggle and pork barrel politics.
      > As for Al Gore, he is so full of lies and BS that his only value
      > be as fertilizer.
      > Ken
      > yellowcorvette4 wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > Ken, In most homes the corn cost compared to other fuels follows
      > > bar graph comparison on http://msnusers.com/AmaizablazeCornStoves.
      > > <http://msnusers.com/AmaizablazeCornStoves.>
      > > Click on Model 7100, Click on Photos or just click on the link
      > >
      > >
      > > action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=9
      > > Correctly observed the cost to produce corn ethanol gas/moonshine
      > > liquor 90/10 is $0.85 to $1.00 per gallon. Accumulate corp, local,
      > > state, federal, road taxes and ethanol fuel cost roughly $3/gallon
      > > with farm corn selling $2-$3 per bushel. The cost of ethanol
      > > why OPEC ratchets gasoline about $3/gallon. The feds subsidize
      > > Midland Daniels with half the US subsidies by paying AMD for the
      > > purchased to refine into ethanol. In addition to federal
      > > loans, and grants, states like Calif and NC subsidize solar and
      > > renewable fuels at 40% to 50% of actual installation cost.
      > >
      > > No matter your work or political persuasion, the Feds,
      > > countries and diversified governments survive and thrive
      > > one's financial energy with taxes, subsidies, loans, and grants.
      > > Whole kernel shelled combine or silo corn direct grown or farm
      > > purchased is recommended as compared to processed, refined,
      > > corn mesh at the mill or market.
      > >
      > > The working person paying bills is not into the blame game. (S)he
      > > must control the bottom line. The blame attitude was well worded
      > > week by Ali Gore and I quote: "I don't blame individual home
      > > like me. The public and governments are to blame for the polluting
      > > energy shame."
      > > Correct my english but does not VP Gore presently accept financial
      > > reward because he once sat in the second highest office of
      > > in one of the most influential and largest of countries? So the
      > > public is at fault and the government to blame for Al's home that
      > > produces 1000 tons pollution each year.
      > >
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