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189Re: [cornplace] Corn Cost Comparison

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  • Ken
    Mar 5, 2007
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      I get a "not found" on the cost comparison you reference. But looking at

      firewood at $150/cord and 50% efficiency is a lot cheaper than pellets
      at the current $250/ton and 80% efficiency. Likewise coal is less
      expensive at 50%.

      Corn is NOT going for $2-3 a bushel today. Nobody knows what it will be
      next year, it might collapse back to $3 (unlikely IMO) or might go above
      $6. That depends upon the government sponsored manipulation.

      I am not knocking corn by any means. But it certainly is not a savior
      to replace gasoline (BTW, ethanol reduces gas mileage). It's just a
      political boondoggle and pork barrel politics.

      As for Al Gore, he is so full of lies and BS that his only value would
      be as fertilizer.


      yellowcorvette4 wrote:
      > Ken, In most homes the corn cost compared to other fuels follows the
      > bar graph comparison on http://msnusers.com/AmaizablazeCornStoves.
      > <http://msnusers.com/AmaizablazeCornStoves.>
      > Click on Model 7100, Click on Photos or just click on the link below:
      > http://msnusers.com/AmaizablazeCornStoves/amaizablazemodel7100.msnw?
      > <http://msnusers.com/AmaizablazeCornStoves/amaizablazemodel7100.msnw?>
      > action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=9
      > Correctly observed the cost to produce corn ethanol gas/moonshine
      > liquor 90/10 is $0.85 to $1.00 per gallon. Accumulate corp, local,
      > state, federal, road taxes and ethanol fuel cost roughly $3/gallon
      > with farm corn selling $2-$3 per bushel. The cost of ethanol explains
      > why OPEC ratchets gasoline about $3/gallon. The feds subsidize Archer
      > Midland Daniels with half the US subsidies by paying AMD for the corn
      > purchased to refine into ethanol. In addition to federal subsidies,
      > loans, and grants, states like Calif and NC subsidize solar and
      > renewable fuels at 40% to 50% of actual installation cost.
      > No matter your work or political persuasion, the Feds, states,unified
      > countries and diversified governments survive and thrive controlling
      > one's financial energy with taxes, subsidies, loans, and grants.
      > Whole kernel shelled combine or silo corn direct grown or farm
      > purchased is recommended as compared to processed, refined, liquified
      > corn mesh at the mill or market.
      > The working person paying bills is not into the blame game. (S)he
      > must control the bottom line. The blame attitude was well worded last
      > week by Ali Gore and I quote: "I don't blame individual home owners
      > like me. The public and governments are to blame for the polluting
      > energy shame."
      > Correct my english but does not VP Gore presently accept financial
      > reward because he once sat in the second highest office of government
      > in one of the most influential and largest of countries? So the
      > public is at fault and the government to blame for Al's home that
      > produces 1000 tons pollution each year.
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