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  • Cornstoves
    Mar 4, 2007
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      Ken, Click on Files. Compare the inflation or escalation of milk and
      gas with corn. Then think about the calculations referenced.
      Truthfully the 80% efficient wood stove used for the calculations
      does not exist. Neither does the 65% efficient corn stove used for
      the calculations exist. The corn stove is obsolete. The solid fuel or
      coal fuel stove above 50% efficiency does not exist. Read why.

      Modern corn stove combustion is 98% efficient as tested at the EPA
      solid fuel approved test facility at Virginia Tech. Coal is 40%-60%
      combustion efficient in the most efficient of fossil power plants as
      tested by the owners, TVA, AEP, Georgia Power. Home combustion of
      wood is not nearly as efficient as the professional, full time,
      highly trained operators employed three shifts daily at AEP, TVA, and
      The Southern Company.

      No home wood stove or wood fireplace can reach 50% efficiency. 80%
      total wood stove efficiency was erraneously used for the
      calculations. With no consideration for heat exchange efficiency, the
      combustion efficiency alone for wood is only 50% at best. Virginia
      Tech has actual test data for the solid fuel stoves submitted for
      testing. The test data by Virginia Tech for 98% combustion efficiency
      of a corn stove takes no consideration for heat exchange efficiency
      for either corn stoves, wood stoves, or solid fuel stoves.

      But wait. Heat transfer efficiency may exceed 100% for wood
      combustion in a fireplace as defined by the heat that escapes up the
      chimney. When the wood fire dies down, there is a negative transfer
      of heat out the chimney that rapidly cools the entire facility. When
      the wood heated facility is smoke filled from a down draft, there
      will be a negative transfer of heat while purging the entire facility
      of smoke. The accumulation of cresote in a wood chimney is testimony
      of combustion efficiency loss that accumulates to present continuous
      future fire hazard.

      The 40-60% coal combustion efficiency transfers electricity across
      grid to the customer at only 24% total efficiency.
      The largest electric customer/consumer of any power plant is the
      power plant itself. Half the electricity produced at a fossil power
      plant is used to produce the electricity on site. There are
      additonal grid losses plus administrative and home office consumption
      NOTE: Over half the electricity produced by AEP at AEP is consumed at
      AEP by AEP power plants and grid loss transmitters. TVA and The
      Southern Company have similiar statistics. Half the 50% combustion
      efficiency is reduced to 25% efficiency by on-site consumption.
      25% total efficiency is a goal to be proud of at AEP, TVA, & The
      Southern Co. Each individual electric customer represents 35-60 tons
      pollution annually. Tennessee's Ali Gore recently published
      consumption represents 1000 tons pollution annually at the Al Gore
      Mansion in Tennessee. TVA's AG and GAO audits chastised TVA for
      selling twice the amount of annual "green credits" to consumers like
      Al Gore, than the green hydro credits TVA actually produced by green

      Heat exchange efficiency is equally important to combustion
      efficiency. Patiently corn stove owners traded the older and lower
      efficient corn stoves to obtain the newer more efficient corn
      stoves. Newer corn stoves have improved heat exchanger efficiency
      over the earlier corn stoves that tested at the lower heat exchange
      efficiency. Do not confuse combustion efficiency with heat exchanger

      Technically speaking the agricultural economics used fictious figures
      to compare wood and coal combustion. There was no technical basis for
      the numbers. Note the same calculations used 100% efficiency for
      electricity and 80% for gas! Give us a break. Nothing is 100%
      efficiency. Ask any consumer North of Nashville if the home heat
      pump is 1000% efficienct (10EER rating) as advertised. Hog wash. As
      shown above, electricity is 25% efficient at best. Wood and coal are
      25-50% efficient at best. To my knowledge, the 98% efficient
      combustion of a corn stove has NEVER BEEN TESTED for heat exchanger
      efficiency. The heat exchange efficiency of each corn stove model is
      unique and different. Neither have any of the other solid fuel stoves.
      Please correct me if you have access to actual test data results from
      Virginia Tech or any unabiased EPA approved testing facility for
      actual heat exchange efficiency into the room or HVAC system.

      EPA - PLEEESE don't submit ON THIS FORUM that an electric vehicle can
      get more mpg standing still in heavy traffic than on the open
      highway. Is the EPA intentionally biased, incompetent or
      intentionally technically flawed by releasing greater mileage for
      electric vehicles in heavy traffic than on the open highway? Is
      there bias when 100% is used for electricity, 80% for gas, coal or

      The question is raised to explain to corn stove customers that the
      only numbers that really count are the total bills at the end of the
      month compared to the cost of other options, personal health, comfort
      and convenience factors.
      If there is plenty of money, the inconvenience of removing ash and
      loading corn in the corn stove may outweigh the comfort of the steady
      corn stove heat and stable relative humidity. Stable room relative
      humidity is an exclusive feature of the steady corn stove heat.

      --- In cornplace@yahoogroups.com, Ken <ken.meinken@...> wrote:
      > Cornstoves wrote:
      > >
      > > No heating fuel cost less than whole kernel shelled corn.
      > From the calculators that I have seen, firewood and coal cost less.
      > They are just not as convenient or clean.
      > >
      > > Pepsi & Coke are made from corn syrup and cost less than bottled
      > > water.
      > That is strictly a marketing issue.
      > > Gasoline made from corn ethanol cost less than $2/gallon petro
      out of
      > > the ground.
      > Gasoline would cost a lot less if it were not for the taxes. Corn
      > ethanol is subsidized while gasoline is heavily taxed. It's pork
      > politics at it's worst. The government makes many times more
      > per gallon of gasoline than Exxon does.
      > I am not against corn by any means. But the current market is
      > by self serving politicians and corporations.
      > Ken
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