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186Re: [cornplace] Unique Breed

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  • Ken
    Mar 4, 2007
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      Cornstoves wrote:
      > No heating fuel cost less than whole kernel shelled corn.

      From the calculators that I have seen, firewood and coal cost less.
      They are just not as convenient or clean.
      > Pepsi & Coke are made from corn syrup and cost less than bottled spring
      > water.

      That is strictly a marketing issue.

      > Gasoline made from corn ethanol cost less than $2/gallon petro out of
      > the ground.

      Gasoline would cost a lot less if it were not for the taxes. Corn
      ethanol is subsidized while gasoline is heavily taxed. It's pork barrel
      politics at it's worst. The government makes many times more profit
      per gallon of gasoline than Exxon does.

      I am not against corn by any means. But the current market is distorted
      by self serving politicians and corporations.

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