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  • Cornstoves
    Mar 3, 2007
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      Forward thinking, considerate, informed, extremely well educated,
      common sense with an ear fine tuned and grounded, yet patiently testing
      for truth, not willing to hastily recommend until results are in and
      explainable - a corn stove owner is (s)he.

      No heating fuel cost less than whole kernel shelled corn.

      Pepsi & Coke are made from corn syrup and cost less than bottled spring

      Gasoline made from corn ethanol cost less than $2/gallon petro out of
      the ground.

      Corn maize and corn farms are amaizing. Support the local corn farm
      that feeds local families with fluffy white popcorn, corn on the cob,
      shucked back ears shelled to the cob, corn fed beef, corn fed pork,
      corn fed gobblers, roosters and pullets too.
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