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172Local Corn Prices vs Foreign Energy Fuel Prices

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  • cornstoves
    Nov 15 5:50 PM
      Corn is total comfortable temperature and relative humidity.
      Corn takes effort, knowledge, patience, learning lighting, ash
      handling, saving for the investment.
      12+ weeks to raise corn. 12+ years to raise ears corn height.
      Corn heat nor kids feet are flip a switch convient.
      Corn heat is the local low cost energy.
      Kids feet and corn are full of energy.
      Corn heat energy helps the locals.
      Improve economic environment all ears to the ground
      Improve ambient environment room comfort
      Reward the local corn farm boom or fort
      Reduce waste corn and freeing storage for food
      Reduce government payments to "not raise corn" balanced budget
      Reduce government payments to "share" corn through panama canal
      Reduce government price support when corn prices drop
      Reduce government dumping corn overboard or overseas
      Reduce the price to raise corn fed beef and corm full pork bellies
      Reduce the cost to produce corn reducing starvation globally
      Reduce global warming. Growing corn breathes in COx and oxygen out.
      Reduce dependence on foreign oil, foreign soil, foreign sole
      Reduce fuel prices.
      Redefine fuel. Refine corn ethanol(gas).
      Refine bean methanol (diesel). Redefine energy.
      Reduce the personal energy bill. Reduce while loading corn.
      Reduce 15 tons pollution each year. Reduce 15# personal weight.
      Reduce poverty and starvation globally.
      Eat more corn. Heat more corn.
      Support military personnel protecting foreign oil globally
      Support competition between nations for energy.
      Support eastern oil staying local.
      Support local renewable western energy.
      Reduce government and military dependence on terrorist
      Support independent local renewable safe clean low cost edible corn

      Quoted above, "In one broad legislative stroke, this nation has the
      ability to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, provide Rural
      America with renewed economic activity, improve our environment, and
      reduce conflict related to energy needs and economics, while
      lessening the poverty and starvation around the globe all in one fell
      swoop. In any case, Rural America must move forward on this endeavor
      with our without our governments help
      > http://www.acga.org/programs/foodvrsfarm/default.htm.
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