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136Corn Stove Safety & Home Insurance Rates

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  • Harry & Linda Clift
    Jul 8, 2006
      Berber Hearth Rugs, multipurpose with decorative accents
      For hearth and home cost $7 - $15 at XMart or $ stores meet
      Federal standard: DOC-FF-1-70 surface flammability requirements Certification: National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
      Size: 40" x 23.5" or 59 cm x 101.5 cm
      Part number: RN86555
      Material: 100% Olefin with latex backing
      Made in USA.
      Hot cinders will damage the fibers but flame will not spread.
      Skid resistand stic-tite,
      machine wash with mild detergent.
      The Corn Stove Manual says position the hearth pad to extend at 16" in front of the largest corn stove. Smaller stoves specify shorter distances.

      Home insurance rates are based on the type and combinations of home
      heating fuel(s)installed(electric, propane, fuel oil, wood, corn)
      and whether the installation is portable, fireplace, permanent,
      recessed wall, floor, ceiling, basement, outside, etc).

      Statically most home heating incidents result from portable heaters.
      Electrical incidents occur more often than any other fuel type. In
      many localities, a portable electric heater has the highest home
      insurance rates. Other types of portable heaters and wood heaters
      are second most expensive.

      The NFPA has no recorded corn stove incidents in the US to date.
      Let us all help maintain corn stoves as the safest and lowest cost
      home heating system available. The monthly savings in the home
      insurance policy could well pay for the annual corn fuel cost to
      heat some homes. Ask your local insurance carrier the monthly
      savings to remove portable heaters or non-corn fuel heaters.
      Typically there is an insurance adder for each type fuel in the home
      and the type installation based. The adder is based on local
      accident rates for each fuel system installed. Some localities have
      no adder for corn fuel. Some localities have home insurance adders
      for solid fuels like wood, coal, & wood pellets rather than corn.

      CODES - For complete information about national fire codes for home
      heaters see NFPA Section 70. See NFPA Section 72 for national fire
      alarm code requirements. Each Fire prevention code and fire safety
      code is adopted locally, individually, and specifically by each
      locality (city, county, parish, state)in all 50 states in the United
      States. As with realestate fire codes vary based on local
      parameters - Location, location, location

      NFPA recommends corn stoves comply with the manufacturer's
      recommendations. Study and follow the corn stove operations and
      maintenance manual. Allow the home insurance representative and
      local fire marshal to copy and adopt any pages of the O&M Manual of
      choice to update the local fire safety codes and regulations
      specifically for corn stoves.

      Also see