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Re: Sunspots fail (again) to explain climate change

Not only is Idso wrong about plant physiology, it is also relevant to point out that he has posted on his website claims that global warming is just great for
Thomas Goreau
5:12 AM

Re: Tubastraea in Jamaica

Dear Doug, Precht is completely wrong. I don’t think I have ever seen Tubastrea on buoys or artificial structures in Jamaica, but for around 65 years in
Thomas Goreau
Oct 2

Killing Broward corals

Dear Bill, Thanks for this! I´d love to see your reports on Broward Beach erosion whose conclusions were rejected by the authorities because they did not
Tom Goreau
Sep 22

Acanthaster planci and atolls

Dear Doug, I don´t agree that Acanthaster are only a problem around high islands and not along low (usually dry) islands and atolls. I´ve seen them devastate
Tom Goreau
Sep 22

Re: SE Florida coral reefs, dredging, bleaching, etc.

Please read my responses carefully. I am sure my writing is poor I take some blame for the mischaracterization of my comments.    I never said ANYTHING
Greg Challenger
Sep 22

Re: SE Florida coral reefs, dredging, bleaching, etc.

Hi Tom, The reef during the dredging surely killed the seagrass beds not to mention causing wasting disease in the stems. This and direct smothering killed the
Dr. James M. Cervino
Sep 22

Re: SE Florida coral reefs, dredging, bleaching, etc.

I should add that an extremely expensive EIA was done by the Bahamas developers, and those paid huge sums for it said that no harm could possibly result from
Tom Goreau
Sep 22

Re: SE Florida coral reefs, dredging, bleaching, etc.

It seemed to me that your response basically said that it was too much to ask people doing environmental impact assessments to be expected to be able to take
Tom Goreau
Sep 21


The inshore waters around Florida have cooled strongly in the last few days, if it stays cool many corals will survive and slowly start to recover, but the
Tom Goreau
Sep 19

SE Florida coral reefs, dredging, bleaching, etc.

The coral list posted a second hand copy of my posting on coralreef-freefor all, which provoked some very interesting responses that I will respond to only on
Tom Goreau
Sep 17

How, when, and why Miami corals were killed

Gene Shinn makes the standard argument used by paid consultants doing environmental impact studies for the port expansions, the military, oil companies, golf
Tom Goreau
Sep 13

Bleaching in Hawaii and Florida, northernmost corals of the Eastern

Extensive bleaching is now underway in Hawaii and Florida, as predicted by the Goreau-Hayes HotSpot method. If conditions remain hot, coral mortality will soon
Tom Goreau
Sep 10

Re: not red meat

This will certainly be the warmest August...I can attest to that. ... -- No Rocks, No Water, No Ecosystem (EAS) ... E. A. Shinn, Courtesy Professor University
Eugene Shinn
Aug 24

Re: not red meat

in Florida I presume?  Or somewhere else?  Perhaps a small town in Maine?  Or the whole earth surface?  Do you include the sea surface in that?  What's
Douglas Fenner
Aug 24

not red meat

I wonder what went wrong here?  Global warming is only a small part of the California drought problem.  Not the whole thing?  What?  The global warming
Douglas Fenner
Aug 24
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