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Re: Cuban reefs

Dear Doug, Samoa (or as you might call it Western Samoa) seems to have been devastated by the same bleaching event that only lightly touched Eastern (American)
Thomas Goreau
4:11 PM

Re: Cuban reefs

I'm happy to relate that although there was some bleaching in American Samoa earlier this year, with a few places nearly completely bleached, mortality was
Douglas Fenner
4:11 PM

Cuban reefs

From: Douglas Fenner > U.S., Cuba to jointly protect, study marine life
Thomas Goreau
4:10 PM

Fwd: NOAA: October 2015 was warmest October on record for the globe;

FYI Thomas J. Goreau, PhD President, Global Coral Reef Alliance President, Biorock Technology Inc. Coordinator, Soil Carbon Alliance Coordinator, United
Thomas Goreau
Nov 18

Fwd: [Coral-List] ISRS 2015 Petition "Stop Climate Change…"

Sharing for those who might not be a member of coral-list. Ed Blume 608-225-6591 ... From: Judith Lang Date: Sun, Nov 8, 2015 at 9:52 AM
Ed Blume
Nov 9

Re: Coral genomics and historical population sizes

Dear Misha, Great, I'm looking forward to what you find! In my view we have seen no change in bleaching thresholds, because we can predict bleaching with the
Thomas Goreau
Oct 29

Re: Coral genomics and historical population sizes

hi Tom - as for precision, things have become much better than you say in the past few years. you are thinking about old school coalescent methods such as
Mikhail Matz
Oct 29

Re: Coral genomics and historical population sizes

Dear Misha, Thanks! I’m replying on the coral reef-freeforall since I’m banned for life from the coral list. Your approach makes a lot of sense and
Thomas Goreau
Oct 29

Indulge an amateur, please

A while back, someone directed me to a dictionary of Latin terms to name sea creatures, but I forgot what it was. Could someone please help me again? I'm
Ed Blume
Oct 23

Fwd: NOAA: Sept 2015 was warmest on record for the globe

Luckily the pattern of warming so far in this El Niño has been almost entirely in places without corals, like Florida and Hawaii, which are now ending the
Thomas Goreau
Oct 23


It certainly is not a “Global bleaching event” yet, not by a long shot, only Florida and Hawaii have been severely impact since El Niño started to kick
Thomas Goreau
Oct 13

Re: Sunspots fail (again) to explain climate change

Not only is Idso wrong about plant physiology, it is also relevant to point out that he has posted on his website claims that global warming is just great for
Thomas Goreau
Oct 8

Re: Tubastraea in Jamaica

Dear Doug, Precht is completely wrong. I don’t think I have ever seen Tubastrea on buoys or artificial structures in Jamaica, but for around 65 years in
Thomas Goreau
Oct 2

Killing Broward corals

Dear Bill, Thanks for this! I´d love to see your reports on Broward Beach erosion whose conclusions were rejected by the authorities because they did not
Tom Goreau
Sep 22

Acanthaster planci and atolls

Dear Doug, I don´t agree that Acanthaster are only a problem around high islands and not along low (usually dry) islands and atolls. I´ve seen them devastate
Tom Goreau
Sep 22
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