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Fwd: Mangroves as coral sanctuaries

... Much as I would like this claim that saving mangroves will save coral reefs to be true, to be honest this is exaggerated hype because this is not a typical
Thomas Goreau
Feb 23

who's been funding a denier scientist?

Guess who's been secretly funding a climate change denying scientist?
Douglas Fenner
Feb 22

Fw: Article from Undercurrent on the rigs

To divers and people of interest in saving valuable marine habitats, Please see below “Turning Oil Rigs into Diveable Reefs” from Undercurrent Magazine, a
Feb 21

Fwd: [Coral-List] NOAA Press Release: Warm ocean temperatures may me

... From: Mark Eakin Date: Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 10:33 AM Subject: [Coral-List] NOAA Press Release: Warm ocean temperatures may mean major
Ed Blume
Feb 17

Fwd: [soil-age] Fracking & Earthquakes

If we multiply the January 2015 data by 12 to make a 2015 annual prediction estimate, this suggests California will have 120 Earthquakes > Magnitude 3.0, and
Thomas Goreau
Feb 14

Do It Yourself Floating Docks

Are you the person or could you direct me to the appropriate contact responsible for floating docking systems? We would like to introduce Dock Blocks, a unique
Doug Edwards
Feb 13

Fracking & Earthquakes

Fracking is why Oklahoma, in the middle of a stable continent, last year had 3 times more Earthquakes above Magnitude 3 in 2014 than California, which sits on
Thomas Goreau
Feb 13

To Save Coral Reefs, First Save the Mangroves?

Much as I would like this claim to be true, to be honest this is exaggerated hype because this is not a typical mangrove habitat, which the study does not seem
Thomas Goreau
Feb 12

[Info] Submit Manuscript for Publication

Dear Prof./Dr./Researcher, We welcome submission of original research papers for assessment and publication in our upcoming
    Feb 12
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    Mrs. Aurelia Julca has something to tell Coral Reef Free Forall! REA

    _______________________________________________________________________________________ Him almost as cassie remained on ethan. Yet and amy nodded to another
    Aurelia Julca
    Feb 12
      Feb 12
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      Corrianne D. Depaula changed status to LOOKING FOR SEX TONIGHT

      ____________________________________________________________________ Both women and hugged charlie. щ9В Surprise surprise ря0§nЕ babe !! TЭZ Here is 56f
      Corrianne Depaula
      Feb 12

      Re: Earthquakes and tracking [1 Attachment]

      Sorry, that should be FRACKING not tracking, the damn automatic spell check automatically changed what I had written. Thomas J. Goreau, PhD President, Global
      Thomas Goreau
      Feb 5

      Global warming is accelerating

      The figure below, published in J. Risbey, 2015, Free and forced climate variations, Nature, 517:562-563 shows the global mean surface temperature, averaged
      Thomas Goreau
      Feb 4

      Earthquakes and tracking

      This figure below from Science News shows sharp recent five-fold increase of seismic activity in the central and eastern US that follows tracking. This is no
      Thomas Goreau
      Feb 4
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