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18Acropora Restoration Survey Questionnaire

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  • diegol1965
    Oct 22, 2009
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      Dear Colleagues,

      As part of our continued efforts to document collective knowledge and perceptions on the topic of reef restoration, we have put together an online survey questionnaire. This survey instrument is focused on restoration activities in the Caribbean Region and, more specifically, on the use of Acropora in restoration activities.

      We would like to ask for a few minutes of your time to fill out this questionnaire. The preliminary results will be presented at the upcoming NOAA Acropora Recovery Meeting.

      The questionnaire can be found at:


      If your email program chops of the link, please copy the different sections and string together in your web application.

      The questionnaire will be disseminated shortly to the wider coral reef community through coral-list, but we wanted to do a targeted run first with those of you who we know are involved or interested in reef restoration in this region.

      Also, please feel free to pass this link around to other folks in your lab/school that may be interested in the topic.

      We have tried to capture the main issues in this instrument, but if you feel that we may have missed any key topics, please let us know in the comments box of the survey.

      We sincerely thank you in advance and please do not be shy, let us know how you really feel about this important topic.

      Muchas Gracias,

      Diego Lirman and Chelsey Young