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Re: [cooking_rumpolt] Beaver

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  • Sarah O'Connor
    Thank you very much. I also found another beaver recipe (a pie) under the fish recipes section. YIS, Elinor Strangewayes ... [Non-text portions of this message
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 23, 2010
      Thank you very much. I also found another beaver recipe (a pie) under the
      fish recipes section.

      Elinor Strangewayes

      On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 1:35 PM, ranvaig <ranvaig@...> wrote:

      > A new member asked:
      > I'm a cook in the East Kingdom of the SCA, looking for more info on
      > Rumpolt's beaver recipe.
      > Rumpolt is online here, you can download the whole PDF.. you might want to
      > check the Beaver illustration, go to page 221
      > http://diglib.hab.de/wdb.php?dir=drucke/2-3-oec-2f
      > Here is a quick translation:
      > Von einem Biber
      > (Beaver)
      > Nim~ den Biberschwantz/ vn~ br�h jn au� dem heissen Wasser/
      > Take the beaver tail/ and boil out (scald) in hot water/
      > so gehet die Haut herab/ schab jn au�/ so wirdt er fein sauber vnd wei�/
      > like this goes the skin off/ scrape it/ so it becomes nicely clean and
      > white/
      > oder wirff jn auff heisse Kolen/ vnd kehr jn offt vmb auff beyden seiten/
      > or throw it on hot coals/ and turn over often on both sides/
      > so l�ufft die Haut auff vo~ dem Schwantz/ zeuch die Haut ab vn~ schabs au�
      > lautichtem Wasser/ so wirt er schon vnd wei�/
      > like this the skin rises?/ from the tail/ remove the skin and scrap in
      > clean water/ like this it becomes beautiful and white/
      > haw jn zu st�cken/ vnnd setz jn zu mit Wasser vnnd Essig/ saltz in wol/ vnd
      > la� jn an die statt sieden/ thu jn aufff ein Bret/
      > hew it to pieces/ and set it to (the fire) with water and vinegar/ salt it
      > well/ and let it simmer until done/ put it on a board/
      > vnd la� jn ein wenig erkalten/ thu jn in ein Pfeffer/ der fein zugericht
      > ist/ la� ein Sudt auffthun/ so wirt er gut vn~ wolgeschmack/
      > and let it cool a little/ put in a pepper (sauce)/ that is nicely prepared/
      > let come to a boil/ like this it becomes good and well tasting/
      > Oder thu jn in ein Mandelgescharb/ mach jn wei� vnd saur eyn mit Limonien.
      > Or put it in an almond gescharb sauce/ make it white and sour it with lemon
      > Du kanst auch von einem Biber die F�� in Pfeffer oder Mandelgescharb
      > zurichten.
      > You can also prepare the feet of a beaver in Pepper (sauce) or almond
      > gescharb sauce.
      > I just uploaded a file with more info on the Pfeffer and gescharb sauces.
      > Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm traveling this week, and
      > not checking email often, but will answer when I can.
      > Ranvaig

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