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Update of "23 German Mushroom Recipes", 1350-1580

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  • lilinah@earthlink.net
    Hi, all: I have updated Twenty-Three German Mushroom Recipes , 1350-1580, in Dar Anahita, my website:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2011
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      Hi, all:

      I have updated "Twenty-Three German Mushroom Recipes", 1350-1580, in Dar Anahita, my website:
      15 Recipes from Marx Rumpolt, 16th c., and 8 from several earlier sources
      Das buoch von guoter spise, c. 1350 - 2 recipes;
      Mondseer Kochbuch, Codex vind. 4995; 15th c. - 1 recipe;
      Das Kochbuch aus dem Wiener Dorotheenkloster, Codex vind. 2897, 15th c. - 2 recipes;
      Rheinfrankisches Kochbuch, c. 1445 - 1 recipe;
      Kochbuch der Handschrift, UB Basel D II 30 - 2 recipes (one of which is similar to a recipe in Meister Eberhard, mid-15th c.)

      The update is the addition of the names of 4 types of mushrooms whose identities neither i nor my German-speaking proofreaders -- one of whom is actually German, hi, Giano! :-) -- knew when i first put the translations on-line.

      I had updated two of them last year or the year before, but i didn't put out a notice, so it's probable that some who'd visited the page back them were not aware of that. Then this year, thanks to the work Katherine (wheezul) i now have two more names.

      Only one mystery mushroom remains, Stockschwamme, Rumpolt recipes 198 & 199 on page R155a.

      Additionally, i'm not certain which mushroom is described as white and bitter, Rumpolt #196, on the same page mentioned above.

      And i will note here that one of the recipes actually includes no real mushrooms, but describes how to create faux mushrooms in a season (Christmastide) in which one would be less likely to be able to find them: Kochbuch der Handschrift, UB Basel D II 30, Recipe 31, "A food of morels for Weinnachten/Christmas Season"

      Also,the webpage is at a new location, in case you bookmarked it, linked above.

      My deepest thanks to everyone who has helped with this project over the years.
      Urtatim [that's err-tah-TEEM]
      the persona formerly known as Anahita

      Dar Anahita
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