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  • Sharon Palmer
    New member armymp9098@yahoo.com asks ... Welcome to the list. It might help if you describe the dish you are trying to recreate. I can t find Carvenada in
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      New member armymp9098@... asks

      >I've eaten two professionally prepared versions of Carvenada which I
      >believe came from this book. I've tried to recreate it and think I'm
      >close, but still missing the mark. Thanks for translating.

      Welcome to the list. It might help if you
      describe the dish you are trying to recreate.

      I can't find "Carvenada" in Rumpolt, but it
      sounds like an alternate spelling of Karwenada /
      Carwenada / Carbonaden/ Karbenada which is
      mentioned several times, for various types of
      meat. It can be served various ways but the core
      seems to be meat pounded thin and grilled.


      Hammel 22. Karwenada von dem Hammel zu kochen.
      Nimm auß der Seiten die Rib von dem Hammel/ vnd
      haw die Brust davon hinweg/ vnd brauchs worzu du
      es haben wilt/ es sei zu grünem oder saurem
      Kraut/ Nimm die Riben/ schneidt eine nach der
      andern herauß/ sampt dem Fleisch/ zerklopf ein
      jegliche Rib besonder mit einer Weidpraxenruck/
      vnd wenn du es wilt braten/ so besprengs auff
      beiden seiten mit Saltz/ legs auff ein Rößt/ vnd
      brats geschwindt hinweg/ begeuß mit heissen
      Speck/ oder nimm lautere Butter. Vnd wenn du es
      wilt anrichten/ so nimm ein braune saure Brüh/
      die wol gepfeffert ist/ gieß oben darüber/ daß es
      warm auff ein Tisch kompt/ Denn wenn es kalt ist/
      so wolt ich nicht ein Pfennig drumb geben/ Vnd
      ein sollche Speise muß man machen/ wenn ein Herr
      bei dem Tisch ist. Vnd wenns einer gern mit
      Knoblaunch ist gut vnd lieblich. Solche Speise
      kanstu braten oder sieden/ oder auch wol
      eindämpfen/ denn man hat nicht allzeit drei oder
      viererlei Fleisch.

      22. To cook carbonados of the mutton. Take from
      the side of the ribs of a mutton/ and chop the
      breast away from it/ and take it what for you
      will have it/ be it green or sour cabbage/ Take
      the ribs/ slice one from the other/ together with
      the meat/ beat each rib separately with the back
      of a heavy hunting knife/ and when you will roast
      it/ then sprinkle on both sides with salt/ lay on
      a grill/ and roast swiftly away/ baste with hot
      bacon/ or take clear butter. And when you will
      serve/ then take a brown sour broth/ that is well
      peppered/ pour over the top/ that it comes to the
      table warm/ because if it is cold/ then I will
      not give a penny for it/ And such a dish one has
      to make/ when a Lord is at the table. And when
      you would like it with garlic it is good and
      lovely. Such dishes you can roast or boil/ or
      also well steam/ because one has not always three
      or four meats.

      (I started to list other recipes, but my email
      program ate them. Let me know if you want the
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