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517Re: OT: 16th c. German, not Rumpolt

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  • xina007eu
    Mar 17, 2010
      --- In cooking_rumpolt@yahoogroups.com, "Cat ." <tgrcat2001@...> wrote:
      > Thank you for repeating the link.  I am skimming things as I am at work.  and having skimmed over the link I would suggest the ihnen is the Turks (turkish peoples) since the entire article is about the food they eat (and his opening statement seems he is underwhelmed: the turks eat poor wretched (miserable) foods/dishes that one shudders (to think about eating them)...
      > In Service
      > Gwen Cat

      Hi Gwen Cat,
      I agree with you. The "inen" are the Turks. He is saying that this is supposed to be (sol) ein good marvelous dish (ein guth, herlich gericht) for or among them (bey inen). Throughout the text "sy" (sie=they), "ire" (ihre=their), "inen" (ihnen = them) refers to the Turks.
      He also mentions that they eat a lot of grapes which would mean that vine leaves would indeed be widely available:
      "Vmb Constantinapol weit vnd prait fressen sy die weinper im herbst auff." (In a large area around Constantinople they eat up the grapes in autumn). Wow, that is really rude, "fressen" is used for animals, not people! However, I guess if a Turkish traveller had gone to Germany during that time, his comments would also have been quite rude - political correctness hadn't been invented yet.

      Best regards,

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