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509Re: [cooking_rumpolt] OT: 16th c. German, not Rumpolt

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  • wheezul@canby.com
    Mar 9, 2010
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      > There is another set of nuances, to which you alluded but which you
      > elided... the nuances of foody language.
      > Now Dernschwam was a relatively sophisticated man and may have
      > grasped some of those nuances, at least as regards European food. But
      > he was no cook, and some of his descriptions show his prejudice
      > against Ottoman food.
      > --
      > Urtatim [that's err-tah-TEEM]
      > the persona formerly known as Anahita

      Thank you for pointing me to the right place to look. Very interesting -
      I lived in Turkey for 2 years :)

      The paragraph before uses the word to mean more of a preparation/stage of
      the dish to have yogurt added to it.

      The paragraph after starts with the commentary 'Mer sol bey inen auch fwr
      ein kostlich gericht gehaltten' which seems to tie to the paragraph
      before. And then further in the paragraph gericht is used for

      Based on the 'mer sol bey inen' in the following paragraph, I'd go with
      the translation of by them it is a good, dish. It is odd in placement
      based on the other commentaries. Perhaps the fail could be viel (much) -
      so that the sense of the last sentence matches?

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