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506Re: [cooking_rumpolt] Dernschwam text, was OT: 16th c. German, not Rumpolt

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  • lilinah@earthlink.net
    Mar 9, 2010
      Gwen Cat wrote:
      >Thank you, in skimming the text in the link that word was eluding
      >me. In this context does Printzsch mean Princely or is this another
      >Turkish word translation I am missing?

      It is Ottoman for rice, from a Farsi word.

      One famous dish, birinc (now written pirinc-cedilla) herisesi, is a
      dish of rice cooked first in chicken broth, then with milk, until it
      is porridge, then season with salt and sugar to taste. Next stir in
      shredded cooked chicken breast and place in a serving dish. Top with
      clarified butter, sprinkle with rosewater, dust with powdered sugar,
      and eat.
      Urtatim [that's err-tah-TEEM]
      the persona formerly known as Anahita
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