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490Re: [cooking_rumpolt] OT: 16th c. German, not Rumpolt

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  • Sharon Palmer
    Mar 9, 2010
      >Still happy if anyone else gives it a shot. I did this because even i
      >could see that the one i saw repeatedly on the web was inaccurate.

      Where did you find it on the web?

      >As i said, i'd really love to get all of Dernschwam's comments about
      >food in Istanbul, Hungary, etc. translated. I've been working on them
      >on occasion, but my medieval German is as sketchy as my modern German.

      Any translation is better than no translation, that's what got me started.
      >Would it be acceptable to post some here from time to time when this
      >list is quiet?

      Any posting about medieval German food is on topic here. I started
      the group for my Rumpolt translation, but it isn't limited to that.
      Anything you post would be very welcome.

      I believe this recipe is included in Mistress Hauviette (Channon
      Mondoux) Celebration at the Sarayi. It was one I test cooked, but my
      notes are on a dead computer. http:www.rencuisine.com

      >Item, schaffen flaisch, klain gehagt, des thut man ein loffel
      >voller auff ein wein plat, wigkelt man zusamen wie ein krapffen.
      >Daruntter hagt man auch sawere pflawmen, sewdt man allein
      >im wasser ab, das sol bey inen auch ein guth, herlich gericht
      >sein vnd hot darzw die wein pletter vberal fail.

      thut is tut - do or put, I think "fail" might be "full" or filling.
      I'd translate it as:

      Item, sheep meat, chopped small, that one puts a spoonful on a grape
      leaf, one winds (or wraps) it together like a dumpling, among it one
      also has sour plums, one boils off only in water, that should be for
      them also a good lordly dish and has thereto the vine leaves always
      over the filling.

      >Item, sheep meat, finely chopped, of that one spoon
      >full on a vine leaf, one wraps together like a krapfen.
      >Also include chopped sour plums, and boil it alone
      >in water,
      >(here's where i fall down)
      >(sol bey) them also a good, marvelous dish/meal
      >are and hot thereto the vine leaves over all (fail)

      At 12:40 PM -0800 3/8/10, wheezul@... wrote:
      >A krapffen is a fritter, usually filled with somethig.

      Krapffen are a filling wrapped in dough like a pierogi or ravioli. I
      haven't seen any unfilled ones.

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