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488Re: [cooking_rumpolt] OT: 16th c. German, not Rumpolt

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  • wheezul@canby.com
    Mar 8, 2010
      > Item, schaffen flaisch, klain gehagt, des thut man ein loffel
      > voller auff ein wein plat, wigkelt man zusamen wie ein krapffen.
      > Daruntter hagt man auch sawere pflawmen, sewdt man allein
      > im wasser ab, das sol bey inen auch ein guth, herlich gericht
      > sein vnd hot darzw die wein pletter vberal fail.

      Item, sheep's flesh, hacked small, one takes a spoon
      full on a wine leaf, folds together like a fritter
      thereunder one has also sour plums, one boils them alone
      in water, that (i.e. until) they are each of a good pleasing state (i.e.
      they look good)
      and the wine leave have (hot=hat) overall breaking down (where fail =
      fehlen - in the sense of disintegrate or in other words the leaves start
      to fall apart and are soft enough to eat?)

      A wecklein is a rectangular shaped roll of bread. A krapffen is a
      fritter, usually filled with something.

      There's my down and dirty quick translation.

      Katherine B

      > I've got it *very roughly* translated, up the last two lines, where i
      > get stuck:
      > Item, sheep meat, finely chopped, of that one spoon
      > full on a vine leaf, one wraps together like a krapfen.
      > Also include chopped sour plums, and boil it alone
      > in water,
      > (here's where i fall down)
      > (sol bey) them also a good, marvelous dish/meal
      > are and hot thereto the vine leaves over all (fail)
      > This is the only list i'm one where most people are interested in
      > Medieval German cooking, and familiar with cooking terms of the
      > period.
      > My thanks for any assistance.
      > I'd really love to get all of Dernschwam's comments about food in
      > Istanbul, Hungary, etc. translated. I've got some of them done, but
      > not all. It's not terribly long, but my medieval German is sketchy.
      > --
      > Urtatim [that's err-tah-TEEM]
      > the persona formerly known as Anahita
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