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253Re: [cooking_rumpolt] Talking about the Turkey!

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  • Cat .
    Jul 21, 2009
      Ah yes trixie Germans with their split up verbs :-)
      I know my mom can't make pie crust to save her life because she (and I) has to knead it, and handle it and it gets cardboard tough.  But I think that is because I dont recall anythign like American style pie crust being used.  I recall items with puff pastry as the base, and I see muerbe teig (tender dough) but nothing like a short pie crust. (of course that could just be modern family and cultural preferences and I am typing BC (thats before coffee) so YMMV.
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      Subject: Re: [cooking_rumpolt] Talking about the Turkey!
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      >SNIFFLES. I am sooo humbled by all of you guys. Im THRILLED that Rumpolt is getting out there and folks want to play with him, and that you guys are making it much easier for others to do so!!!!
      >Ranvaig, good suggestion on the treib auf! once again you beat me to it!

      Those Germans are tricky about separating the parts of the verb. It doesn't really change the recipe, although pie crust is not usually kneaded.

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