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249Re: [cooking_rumpolt] Talking about the Turkey!

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  • Cat .
    Jul 20, 2009
      I had to laugh at this. 
      Sunday afternoon I was sitting at our local cooks guild meeting and looking through Rumpolt to get a menu finalized for the Outlands Crown Tournament Feast I agreed to cook in September (yes, they let me say: I will cook, this is my ovarall budget, I will submit menu and detail figures later.)
      In rummaging through the book I came accross this recipe and made a note to post to this list, only to get home to find it posted.
      I think someone made a similar recipes years ago, and the amount of cinamon and cloves used was enough to numb the tounge so I would strongly advise restraint on that front.
      Gwen Cat
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      > I have been speaking with Mistress GwenCat of Caerthe of the Outlands about this cookbook and the recipes concerning the turkey.  In the cookbook there are 20 recipes and I have a few questions about them..could someone shed some light on these questions for me?


      The two good ladies who have already replied to you have very
      effectively answered you with more knowledge than I have in the
      subject, but I thought I might add a little note to your inquiry.
      Presuming that the focus of the project you are working on is Turkey,
      I would like to point out that while there are 20 recipes in the
      section that is labeled Indianishen Hen, there are additional Turkey
      recipes scattered throughout the manuscript.

      I have not made a specific search for them, but I do remember coming
      across them along the way. One specific recipe that I translated (with
      significantly less skill then many others on this list) I can provide

      Pie of Indian Hen (Translation by B. Benson/Serena da Riva)
      38. Indianische Hennen gespictt mit Zemmet und Neglein/ treib darzu
      ein Pasteten auff mit einem Ruckenteig/ und leg den Indianishen Han
      hinein/ bestraw jn wol mit Pfeffer/ Neglein un Salk/ schneidt Spect
      fein dunne und breit/ und beleg den Han in der Pasteten damit/ daß du
      jhn nicht spicten darffst/ mach zu/ und scheubs in Ofen/ laß bacten/
      und kalt werden/ so wirt es auch gut. (Rumpoldt)

      Turkey larded with Cinnamon and Cloves/ Knead thereto a Pie with Rye
      Dough/ and lay the Turkey therin/ Sprinkle it well with Pepper/ Cloves
      and Salt/ cut Bacon nicely thin and broad/ and cover the Hen in the
      pie therewith/ so that you do not need to lard it at first / prepare
      it/ and put it into the Oven/ let it bake/ and let it cool/ so it will
      be good.

      I guess my point is that there are more than 20 recipes for Turkey in
      Rumpolt. ;)

      Serena da Riva

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