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248Re: [cooking_rumpolt] Talking about the Turkey!

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  • Stephanie Yokom
    Jul 19, 2009
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      I will *DEFINITELY *share whatever progress I make on these recipes! I am
      getting excited about the whole process because when I was a child I did
      live in Germany for 3 years and it was the best time of my life. Can't beat
      stuffing a good curry wurst into a brotchen while eating frites and drinking
      and Orangina!

      Many people think that German food is bland.. I tell them it depends on the

      THEN DON'T EVEN get me started on the Christmas carnivals! Oh boy oh boy!!


      On Sun, Jul 19, 2009 at 8:26 PM, Sharon Palmer <ranvaig@...>wrote:

      > >Bonjour Madame!
      > >
      > >This project is all about turkey and it validity in period and region. I
      > >just started the project this week and I am trying it like, "Where is
      > >Waldo", concerning the translations! (LOL!) THERE is an underlying
      > purpose
      > >of the research as well... I love turkey and would love to eat it more
      > >often, but so much of it out there is too dry when served... so if I can
      > >find a way to serve turkey in a way that I can eat it while being
      > >period..that will help in the SCA and the mundane.
      > I'm vegetarian myself, and haven't eaten turkey in 30 some years, but the
      > usual reason for dry turkey is because it is cooked too long, so the
      > internal temp is higher than it should be. Often the breast is over cooked
      > by the time the legs and thighs are done. That might be why they
      > dismembered it.
      > >I am quite lucky to call Mistress GwenCat a friend and I can ask her
      > >anything as well as the other fine cooks of the Outlands, but Gwen is the
      > >German expert of the kingdom! (In my view!) BUT that doesn't go without
      > >saying I love to hear what others think as well.
      > I'm not lucky enough to have met her face to face, but I also count
      > Mistress GwenCat as a friend, and she has strongly encouraged me to continue
      > the translation. It's a big enough project for more than one person, and I
      > was far from being a German expert when I started.
      > >My plan is to look over the basic 20 that have been documented and redact
      > >one and submit for baronial A&S later this year. This is my first real
      > >endeavor into this whole process of redaction into workable recipe. This
      > is
      > >thanks to Mistress Aldyth of Windkeep for showing me the way!
      > Please share your redactions here. There hasn't been a lot done yet, but I
      > hoped this group would collect redactions too.
      > >I am really enjoying this whole process and I am thinking that I will make
      > a
      > >turkey pot pie with the spanish torte that was mentioned in the book. I
      > >will have to go back and look at it but I do hope that I can add some
      > >veggies to it.
      > I haven't seen a lot of documentation for veggies and meat in the same pie,
      > but that doesn't mean that you can't do it, if you prefer.
      > Ranvaig
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