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241Re: [cooking_rumpolt] Talking about the Turkey!

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  • Sharon Palmer
    Jul 17, 2009
      Hi Sabra, welcome to the list. I'm glad you asked your questions here.

      You can find my updated translation here:

      >Recipe 3. Dismember the turkey/ wings and thigh/ fill it
      >especially/ and when it is filled/ so set it to/ and let is simmer/ Lay
      >it on a rack/ brown it/ and make a broth to it/ be it sour or sweet/ it is good both ways.
      >3.question- After I take the legs, thighs, and wings off...WHAT do I fill it with?

      They are stuffing the legs and wings, not the body of the bird. You take the bone out of the turkey wing or leg, and stuff the cavity.

      You would probably have to look at some of the other recipes that call for filling. I'll take a look and see if I can find something promising. The fillings I've seen tend to be meat, onions and spices. Think of a pie filling rather than our modern bready idea of "stuffing". There is a menu item for Goose stuffed with chestnuts and quince.

      > Recipe 4. You can also make such filled wings with parsley
      >root [parsnip]/ good nutmeg blossom [mace] and beef broth/ also with green welltasting herbs. You may make it yellow/ or leave it white/ so it is good both ways
      >4. question- Does this recipe mean that you take the wings place them in the cavity of the birds with parsnips, nutmeg, and simmer in a beef brother with a native herb bouquet?

      "Pettersilgen Wurzel" means parsley root, its a root somewhat like a small parsnip. I find them in local grocery stores at times. I don't think parsnip would be a good substitute, the flavor is different

      I think this would be the regular filling (what ever that is) flavored with pieces of the parsley root. Then stuff and cook them in the broth.

      >4. question- What does it mean to make it yellow or leave it white?

      Make yellow means add Safflower or Saffron.. something that makes it yellow. Some recipes specify Saffron, it's not clear exactly what they mean when it isn't specified. It could always mean Saffron, even when it doesn't say so. It could mean Safflower or it could mean the cook makes their own choice.

      >Recipe 12. Or also Spanish pastries.
      >12 question- WHAT is a Spanish pastry?

      Spanish pies are made with puff pastry made by rolling dough thin, spreading it with lard then rolling it up and rolling thin again.

      >Recipe 13. Also Spanish fritters.
      >13 question- WHAT is a Spanish fritter?

      The word I translate as fritter is "krapfen", which is a ravioli like filled object. A Spanish Krapfen is one made with a flaky pastry like filo or strudel and baked.

      See this file:
      Bear in mind that I translated this 2 years ago, when I was first starting.

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