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240Talking about the Turkey!

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  • carresabran
    Jul 17, 2009
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      Greetings good gentles one and all!

      My name is Carres Sabran and I am from Calontir, but I am known as Sabra in the Outlands.

      I have been speaking with Mistress GwenCat of Caerthe of the Outlands about this cookbook and the recipes concerning the turkey. In the cookbook there are 20 recipes and I have a few questions about them..could someone shed some light on these questions for me?

      Recipe 3. Dismember the turkey/ wings and thigh/ fill it
      especially/ and when it is filled/ so set it to/ and let is simmer/ Lay
      it on a rack/ brown it/ and make a broth to it/ be it sour or sweet/ it is good both ways.

      3.question- After I take the legs, thighs, and wings off...WHAT do I fill it with?

      Recipe 4. You can also make such filled wings with parsley
      root [parsnip]/ good nutmeg blossom [mace] and beef broth/ also with green welltasting herbs. You may make it yellow/ or leave it white/ so it is good both ways

      4. question- Does this recipe mean that you take the wings place them in the cavity of the birds with parsnips, nutmeg, and simmer in a beef brother with a native herb bouquet?
      4. question- What does it mean to make it yellow or leave it white?

      Recipe 12. Or also Spanish pastries.
      12 question- WHAT is a Spanish pastry?

      Recipe 13. Also Spanish fritters.
      13 question- WHAT is a Spanish fritter?

      I would appreciate your insite on these questions!

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