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234Re: Proper type of beans?

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  • xina007eu
    Jun 15, 2009
      --- In cooking_rumpolt@yahoogroups.com, Sharon Palmer <ranvaig@...> wrote:
      > Searching for "Indianische" I wonder what an indian piglet would be? Pigs are old world not new.
      > Indianische Schweinlein gebraten.
      > Indianische Fercklein.
      > Ranvaig

      It's a guinea pig (cavy). See
      which quotes from a 16th century text:
      "Das Indianische Küniglein oder Säulein (anderswo nennt man sie auch Meer = Schweinlein / vielleicht weil sie über Meer in unsere Lande kommen sind) ist vor noch nicht langen Jahren auß der neuerfundenen Welt in unsere Lande gebracht worden [....]"
      "The Indian rabbit or piglet (elsewhere they are also called sea piglets, maybe because they came to our country from overseas) was brought not many years ago from the new-found world into our country."

      I think they were and still are eaten in some South American countries and considered a delicacy, aren't they?

      Best regards,

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