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232RE: [cooking_rumpolt] Proper type of beans?

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    Jun 14, 2009
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      Not a bean expert, or a pea expert, or anything botanical expert, but Rumpolt is 1581. (Doubt 4 years makes much difference, but might as well be accurate.)
      For the record, I have used Favas for Roman beans, yellow and green split peas, and lentils as specified, but I have not really dug around in the herbals for other details.
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      Okay, now that I have finally got my brain to shift to 2nd gear,
      Rumpolt is 1585 therefore the John Gerard herbal may apply as it was printed
      in 1600.
      In "Of the History of Plants" page 1216, under "The Names", Last paragraph;
      "This plant is named in English, Kidney Beane, Sperage Beanes: of some
      Faselles, or long Peason, French Beanes, Garden Smilax, and Romane Beanes:
      in French, feues de Romme: in Dutch Turcksbonnen. "

      Note: Sperage beanes are not Sperage (asparagus) which is also in the book.

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