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221Re: Proper type of beans?

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  • Anne-Marie Rousseau
    Jun 13, 2009
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      Hey all from Anne-Marie

      I usuall stick with beans like fava, garbanzos, etc (which aren't actually
      beans of course :-), being members of the pea genus Pisum) or I'll use black
      eyed peas (Vigna unguiculata). Beans like kidney beas, etc are Phaseolus

      My reasoning for that is that peasant painting "the bean eater" where he's
      eating a big bowl of what looks EXACTLY like black eyed peas. I don't know
      for sure that they're the same, but they are the same size and shape and
      color. And they were common enough for a peasant to eat them, which tells me
      they weren't a huge fancy luxury item.

      Yum! The bean salad with the black eyed peas from Rumpolt (IIRC?) that is
      awful tasty :-)


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