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  • Sharon Palmer
    Jan 20, 2014
      I want to welcome Jaroslaw Dumanowski to the list. He is working on
      a Copernicus event in March.

      "I'am working mostly on the 17th and 18th century Polish texts,
      published some of them by Museum of King John III in Wilanow
      (Wrasaw). I am also interested in early 19th century recipes and all
      connected directly to my region (Cuiavia-Pomerania in noprthern
      Poland) and some specific aspects related to the consumption od St
      Martin goose.
      Some oldest texts come also from 16th century, but they are only
      small fragments located in different sources (medical, economic,
      letters etc.) Recently I am preparing an event about Copernicus
      cookery (some recipees from 15th century teuthonic texts and related
      with some professors or friends of Nicolaus Copernicus..."

      "As far as copernicus event is concerned, we got a text from
      Mrenburg, the capital of Teuthonic Knights from lat 15th century,
      then we use some recipees from 1535 text from Craccow and then
      Platina Italian cookbok as a friend of Platina moved to Poland and
      torun and met the family of Copernicus. We are preparing some
      lecures, competitions and publioc cookery (15-16 March)"

      Ranvaig, listmom