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214RE: [cooking_rumpolt] Eyngemacht

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  • Cat .
    Apr 8, 2009
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      That Im not sure how to answer.  WISH we could ask him in person ;-)
      Wild guesses on my part could include:
      Perhaps because you preserve (keep them safe) the birds alive in the shell.
      Perhaps eynmachen was a variation of rein-machen. da-rein machen  to put thereto or there-in (like you put the comfits into sugar...)
      curious but not a linguist of Thoma's talents
      Gwen Cat

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      Subject: RE: [cooking_rumpolt] Eyngemacht
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      >no, he definetely specifies small birds that are ALIVE! the word he uses is Lebendig from Leben meaning Life or to live.
      >Im inclined to think of a subtelty as well. Bake the pie (shell), cool it, then make (put) the birds into the pie. serve cold (and let the birds jump out).

      Yes, I think it is a subtlety. But why use the word "eyngemacht" ?


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