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2139Re: [cooking_rumpolt] Files uploaded

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  • Sharon Palmer
    Dec 26 9:45 PM
      >I just added a file too. It is a transcription I've been working on the
      >titles of Susanna Harsdorffer's cookbook dated 1582.
      >On Thu, 26 Dec 2013 20:57:15 -0500, Sharon Palmer

      I did move it out of the Rumpolt folder, so it is a folder on it's
      own, like the Nurnberg cookbook.

      I really like how you have the original with the transcription and
      translation. Especially since this is a handwritten not a printed
      cookbook. I've contented myself with a reference to each page, for
      the sake of copyright, and to keep the file size reasonable, but the
      side by side is more clear.

      I noticed the reference to Regal pears, which Nurnberg also
      mentioned. A search shows a variety of Comice pear named Regal, but
      I suspect that is a modern not a period usage.

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