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2124Re: [cooking_rumpolt] Re: translation/interpretation question

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  • Sharon Palmer
    Oct 2, 2013
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      Correction noted, thank you, Christina.

      >and good point about 'wiping it a little with olive oil' instead of
      >'wiping it with a little olive oil'.
      >Channon, I had not heard of the technique but it makes much more
      >sense to me than submerging it in olive oil.

      It is possible he mentions nitrate, but I didn't recognize the
      reference. I'll double check the recipes.

      >Ranvaig, I dont recall Rumpolt ever mentioning nitrates, (though I
      >use curing salt when I made modern cold smoked pork loins...) What
      >do you think, is it just assumed? Am I not seeing something?

      Wonderful article!

      >I was reading this posting

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