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2122Re: translation/interpretation question

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  • Channon Mondoux
    Oct 2, 2013
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      I was reading this posting http://forums.egullet.org/topic/125619-green-mold-on-dry-cured-sausages/
      about Italian sausages and mold and wiping  them down with oil- this seems to be what happens when you store a sausage (please note proper temp and humidity are pertinent to a healthy cured sausage) it WILL turn moldy and should and then you wipe them down with oil when you store it- and then again before eating you should be washing it.

      Read the whole post and you'll get what I mean. There is a natural fermentation happening along with a natural mold growth on the outside of the sausage- You MUST also use proper levels of Nitrates to prevent botulism.

      Channon Mondoux

      "If you endeavor to live the life of which you have imagined, you will find success unknown in common hours."  H.D. Thoreau


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