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2120Re: [cooking_rumpolt] translation/interpretation question

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  • Sharon Palmer
    Sep 30, 2013
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      Cat wanted to see the original and said
      "It specified ein wenig that is a little I would
      think a barrel would take a lot but I don't know
      and yes it says smear not pour or lay in. ...
      feel free to forward or i will try to get to it
      later now that the original is there"


      >wenn du es lang wilt behalten/ sonderlich in
      >einer Besatzung/ so schmiers ein wenig mit
      >Baumöl/ schlags in ein Faß eyn/
      >And when you
      >want to keep (store) it long/ especially in a
      >company/ then smear it with a little olive oil/
      >enclose it in a barrel/
      >so kanstu ein nach der andern herauß nemmen/ vnnd
      >sieden lassen ein stundt drey oder vier/ darnach
      >die Wurst groß ist/ laß sie kalt werden/ so
      >kanstu davon essen/ wie lang du es behalten wilt.
      >then you can take out one after the other/ and
      >let boil an hour three or four/ because?? the
      >sausage is large/ let them become cold/then you
      >can eat them/ as long as you will keep (store)
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