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  • Jeremy Fletcher
    Sep 30, 2013
      "then smear it with a little olive oil/ enclose it in a barrel".  A similar venison sausage recipe (Hirsch 25) says "However if you are in a crew/then spread it with olive oil/ and enclose in barrels/ then they keep a year or three."

      I initially thought about wiping the surfaces with a bit of oil before hanging to dry-cure, but I've gone back to the submerge and store in oil theory.  If it's being done as travel food, you would want to use as little as possible (while keeping an anaerobic seal) for weight reasons.  I'm using more than I'd prefer to because I have a larger crock than the three sausages I'm immersing.

      Several people have pointed out the botulism risk inherent in this method.  However: I'm using curing salt, the sausages are cold-smoked, and the recipe itself says to boil "for an hour to four" which if done properly should kill off any toxin that has been produced.

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      Sun Sep 29, 2013 3:13 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

      "Sharon Palmer" ranvaig

      Sorry, I was away from home and email for a few days. I'm not sure
      I'd interpret it as confit, because it says "a little olive oil".
      I'm no expert on sausage though. What do others think? Gwen Cat,
      are you listening?

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