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2116translation/interpretation question

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  • Jeremy Fletcher
    Sep 28, 2013
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      A friend gave me five pounds of boar meat (well, wild pig really) and I
      wanted to try one of the Rumpolt sausage recipes. I decided to use
      Schweinen 33:

      Take meat from the wild pig/ cut it small/ and take the large intestine
      from the pig/ cut the meat and fat small/ take a stick and pound small/
      cracked pepper/ that it falls apart/ put it with the salt/ and rub the
      pork meat with it/ (and presumably stuff into the intestine) tie the
      intestine tightly over over each other/ then hang it up/ and let become
      dry/ put it in no heat/ but just that the smoke hits. And when you want
      to keep (store) it long/ especially in a company/ then smear it with a
      little olive oil/ enclose it in a barrel/ then you can take out one
      after the other/ and let boil an hour three or four/ until the sausage
      is large/ let them become cold/then you can eat them/ as long as you
      will keep (store) them.

      Pretty straightforward and it's cold-smoking now. But then there's the
      end bit about in a company smearing with olive oil and enclosing in a
      barrel. There's another recipe that says something similar for a
      venison sausage (Hirsch 25): However if you are in a crew/ then spread
      it with olive oil/ and enclose in barrels/ then they keep a year or three.

      My initial thought is that this is for military companies, who need
      long-lasting travel food. But am I reading it right to essentially
      confit them in olive oil after they've been cold-smoked and dry-cured?

      Wulfric, curious to try more of the German sausage recipes
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