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211RE: [cooking_rumpolt] Eyngemacht

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  • otsisto
    Apr 8, 2009
      Could he have meant fresh birds, just killed? Otherwise you are looking at a
      subtitie. Or the pastry is to be sweet?


      -----Original Message-----
      Sorry for the long silence. Lately, I have been pondering Rumpolt again,
      specifically the meaning of "Eyngemacht".

      As we have discussed before, modernly it means pickled, canned, or
      preserved. In Rumpolt sweets are "eyngemacht" in sugar, but its not so
      clear exactly what it means for savory dishes to be "eynmachten". I found
      this reference that makes me wonder.

      Allerley kleine Vögel die lebendig seyn/ in einer Pasteten eyngemacht kalt.
      Assorted small birds that are living/ "eingemacht" cold in a pie

      --- live birds, so they can't have been preserved, pickled, marinated, or
      even sauced!!



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