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2108[cooking_rumpolt] Re: Thank you!

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  • Sharon Palmer
    Apr 9, 2013
      >I have that in the other doc I am working on. It is longer and more
      >involved. However, I will add it to this one.
      >I meant no offense. I will take the recipes down until I have time to add it.
      >It has been a very, very long weekend, and I am sure there will be a
      >bunch of other things that I have missed also.

      I'm really not trying to give you a hard time. I know you've had a
      long weekend, and I understand the oversight. But it's pretty basic
      that if you use someone's work, you should give credit. Thank you.

      This goes to anyone else who works with the Rumpolt recipes. I've
      put them out there so everyone can access them. All I ask is credit
      for my seven years of work.

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