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  • Melissa Long Blevins
    Apr 8, 2013
      I would LOVE to get the link (once it is done)!
      Thank you, so much, for offering this.

      HE Elisabeth de Calais
      (mka Melissa Blevins)

      From: Alesone Gray <wendy.marques@...>
      To: cooking_rumpolt@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Monday, April 8, 2013 11:00 AM
      Subject: [cooking_rumpolt] Thank you!


      I would like to thank all of the members of this group. I cooked coronation dayboard for the East Kingdom this past weekend, with a menu put together from the translations of this group. Everything was very, very well received.

      Due to the primitive nature of our site, we did not have access to a kitchen and were unable to set one up. We did have electric, water and one 3 burner stove. We coursed our dayboard in 4 parts, as if we were serving a feast. We planned on 300. We served over 400. We were able to introduce a bunch of folks to good food, that was within the SCA time period. And very little food came back home with us.

      I am currently working on trying to put what I did into a modern recipe format. When we were cooking, there was a little of this, a little of that, and a bit more of something else. Which I guess is pretty true to what they did in the recipes. I can make the link available if anyone is interested, once I get that work done.

      This is what we ended up serving.
      Course 1
      Rye bread, butter
      Salat 20: Cucumber salad (V, GF)
      Salat 15: Asparagus salad (V, GF)
      Salat 45: Radish salad (V, GF)
      Soup 46: New cheese soup(V, GF)
      Beef 64: Beef dumplings (meatballs)

      Course 2
      Lamb 26: Lamb with sage and cherry (served cold)
      Hen 2: Hen made in the Hungarian way
      Pottage 13: Peas and barley (V)
      Pottage 37: Earth apples (potato) (V available, GF)
      Soup 45: Cheese onion soup (V, GF available)

      Course 3
      Indian chicken 3: Stuffed Turkey (served cold)
      Pork 34: Roast pork (served cold)
      Pottage 81: Barley and chicken
      Pottage 126: Lentils and pea broth (V, GF)
      Soup 42: Rice soup (V, GF)

      Course 4
      Confect 1: Apple confect (V, GF)
      Turten 8: Apricot tart (V, GF available)
      Pretzels (V)
      Comfits (V, GF)
      Marzipan: (V, GF)

      Thank you again,
      Alesone Gray

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