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2075Re: [cooking_rumpolt] What to do with Sausage: Tourney Dish

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  • Johnna Holloway
    Mar 3, 2013
      And this is that classic treatment with onions and apples again.


      On Mar 3, 2013, at 8:36 PM, Sharon Palmer wrote:snipped
      > On the other hand, if it is NOT dried, from the menus I'd suggest
      > Bratwurst made in an onion gescharb (sauce).
      > Ochsen 74. ...put up sour in onion and apple gescharb sauce. Take
      > apple and onion/ chop them together/ and sweat in but/ take it from
      > the fire/ and mix it with spices/ pepper/ ginger and saffron/
      > dissolve with a beef broth/ pour vinegar to it/ and brown flour in
      > it/ put also small raisins under it/ and let simmer/ .../ and put
      > them in the gescharb/ and let simmer together/ like this it is well
      > tasting.
      > Ranvaig

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