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2063Re: [cooking_rumpolt] Re: Period German Sausage Recipe

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  • Susan Fox
    Feb 20, 2013
      I have a batch of the Pear Mustard made last September, and it is still
      mightily hot. I thought I killed the King last weekend. UH OH! Good though.

      In this batch, used pears in syrup from a tin and crush them thoroughly.
      Those are preserved pears, yes? And maybe less sugar than a "jam" type.

      Tangentially: we are looking into starting a Sausage and Preserved Meats
      special interest group in Caid, a southern chapter of the West Kingdom's
      "Saluminati" and this thread has been EXTREMELY useful! More after we
      meet at Crown this coming Saturday.

      Also, Hauviette and Rainvig, seeing your names in this list makes me
      smile. I am considering a trip to the Madison symposium next year so I
      hope to see you.


      On 2/20/13 9:03 AM, Channon Mondoux wrote:
      > *Mustard Sauce – *Dame Hauviette
      > *34 To make the mustard for dried cod (Sabina .Weserlin.)**
      > Take mustard powder, stir into it good wine and pear preserves and put
      > sugar into it, as much as you feel is good, and make it as thick as you
      > prefer to eat it, then it is a good mustard.*
      > 1 cup whole grain Dijon mustard
      > ½ cup pureed pear preserves
      > ¼ cup sweet red wine
      > Combine all ingredients. Serve with sausage.
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