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2058Re: [cooking_rumpolt] Period German Sausage Recipe

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  • Sharon Palmer
    Feb 18, 2013
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      >Does anyone have a period German Sausage recipe? that does not include ginger?

      Have you downloaded the Rumpolt translation yet?
      This is what I get from a search for "sausage".
      The few that have ginger are marked.. but may be
      of interest for directions, etc. Ginger seems to
      mostly be used for blood or brain sausage, or for
      fish sausage.


      Ochsen 61. Italian sausage of beef/ that one calls Zurwonada.

      Kalb 8. Bratwurst/ from a calves liver.

      Hammel 37. Sausage from mutton.

      Lamb 10. Lamb liver sausage.

      Lamb 25. Lamb sausage.

      Geiß 28. Goat sausage.

      Spensaw 3. Brain sausage - with ginger.

      Spensaw 13. Blood sausage - with ginger.

      Spensaw 14. Sausage from piglet.

      Spensaw 15. The bratwurst served in a sauce garnished with ginger.

      Hirsch 13. Deer sausage - with ginger.

      Hirsch 25. Italian zurwanada. Also good with beef and pork.

      Dendel 9. Deer blood sausage - with ginger.

      Dendel 21. Deer sausage with garlic.

      Reh 5. Roe deer liver sausage.

      Reh 11. Sausage from roe deer.

      Schweinen 17. Blood sausage from a wild pig - with ginger.

      Schweinen 18. Liver sausage.

      Schweinen 19. Bratwurst.

      Schweinen 33. Sausage to store.

      Gemß 4. Liver sausage.

      Türkischen Schaf 4. Liver Sausage.

      Ganß 16. Sausage of goose (no actual recipe).

      Ganß 22. Sausage of goose liver.

      Ganß 26, Sausage of goose breast.

      Kappaun 3. Sausage of capon breast.

      Kappaun 17. Sausage of capon liver.

      Kappaun 30. "sausage" of milk, eggs, and herbs.

      Salmen 14. Sausage of salmon - with ginger.

      Hecht 4. Sausage of pike - with ginger.

      Bersig 11. "Sausage" of perch wrapped in crepes. - with ginger.

      Krebßen 9. "Sausage" of crab and egg yolk wrapped in crepes.

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