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2048Re: need inspiration

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  • ladybrynnimacrose
    Jan 23, 2013
      A few things leap to mind, like others I had thought about the pickled beets but it is best when the sit for a while.

      In order of ease.

      1. The German pear mustard can be made ahead of time and served with cheese and crackers. :) If you have little time you can buy pre-made pear butter and just mix in the mustard powder. Just note to the people doing the tasting that the mustard is the part that is period.

      2. Carrot salat - It is a cold parboiled carrot dish that is super easy and site friendly for the conditions you discribe. I have it at home and will email it later today.

      3. Farced eggs- period "deviled eggs" with ricotta cheese and parm, uses a bit of mint and currents. (It is a popular stand by around here) For the conditions you discribe I would mix everything at home but not fill the egg whites until right before service - that way you could keep everything in a cooler and cold enough without much effort. Again I will email the exact recipe when I am home tonight.

      I will come up with some others when I am not proctoring an exam - it is difficult to do much while keeping an eye on my students. :)

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