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2039Trunck (was Auff Polisch)

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  • Sharon Palmer
    Oct 1, 2012
      > vnd es schmeckt einem ein guter Trunck Vngerisches Weins darauff/
      >and it tastes if a good dry Hungarian wine was on it/

      Gwen Cat corrects me:
      >in this case I think Trunck is from Trinken not from Trocken
      >a good drink (not the right word, neither is
      >quaff, swallow, bigger than a sip.... draught?)
      >of Hungarian Wine onto (with) it.

      When I posted it, I thought it seemed off.
      Per ENHG "der trunk" is (a) drink.

      I went looking for other uses of "Trunck" and found this:

      kanstu allweg ein stück darvon schneiden vnnd
      essen/ so schmeckt dir darnach ein guter Trunck

      you can cut a piece from it and eat it anytime/
      then you taste it after a good drink.

      so ist es gut zu einem Trunck/ sonderlich wenn man sitzt bey einem külen Wein.

      then it is good with a drink/ especially when one sits with a cool wine.

      There are some issues with how "schmeckt" is translated too.

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