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1969Re: [cooking_rumpolt] Of Wine 78- 79.

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  • Sharon Palmer
    Jun 1, 2012
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      Possibly something like that, but that's not a
      whole sentence, attracts or absorbs *what*? And
      the next sentence talks about adding licorice, so
      possibly this is talking about how the hyssop
      wine is made.

      *hugs* and commiseration on the year end stuff.


      >Verzehret vnd zeucht an sich/
      >verzehren to eat, or destroy
      >Zieht an sich - pulls to itself. attracts or absorbs?
      >Gwen fiscal year end GRRRR Cat
      > >
      >>79) Isopen Wein.
      >>Verzehret vnd zeucht an sich/ Man sol süß Holtz
      >>darzu thun. Solcher Wein geziemet den Alten/ ist
      >>gut für den seuchten Husten/ fallende Sucht/ vnd
      >>am meisten an den Kindern. Er trucknet vnd heylt
      >>heimliche ort/ damit gewäschen/ macht klare
      >>stim~/ ziemt den Wassersüchtigen.
      >>Hyssop Wine.
      >>Destroys?? and anzeucht itself??**/ One should
      > >put licorice in it. Such wine befits the old/ is
      >>good for the sick?? cough/ epilepsy/ and most of
      >>all for the children. It dries and heals hidden
      >>places/ that are washed with it/ makes clear
      > >voice??/ befits the those with edema.
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