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177[cooking_rumpolt] Re: Vom Lamb 2

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  • ranvaig@columbus.rr.com
    Oct 30, 2008
      >I guess „einmachen" can mean different things in the recipes.

      If it means different things in different recipes, how can you tell just what it means in any given recipe? Some of them clearly do *not* mean pickled or jellied. I still think I'm missing the exact sense of what it means.

      >So "scharben" meant to cut into small pieces. "Gescharbte Äpfel" are
      >probably grated apples, which I can imagine being used in a sauce.
      >And a "Gescharb" would be any kind of stuff cut into small pieces.

      Yes, I know the word is related to the English shard, but that isn't a recipe.

      Rumpolt blithely tells you to serve a dish in a gesharb or in a pepper sauce, or a pobrat sauce, but he doesn't have a sauce section, and any sauce recipes are mixed in with the rest.

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