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1697Re: [cooking_rumpolt] Welcome

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  • Sharon Palmer
    Apr 30, 2012
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      >yes it defo is.....
      >sorry my facebook is acting up again so I have to spam all of you
      >with questions XD

      Questions here are always fine. It's probably easier to talk in one place.

      >I figured that passages in the originals you marked red are the one
      >you are not sure about how to translate them?

      The words in red on the cover, were printed in red in the original.
      No more or less unsure than any other words.

      Things I'm unsure of are marked with "??"
      or "##" for typos or places the original is illegible.

      In general, I think my translations are much better for actual
      recipes than when Rumpolt goes off on prose.. I've tried to translate
      some of it, but it gets difficult.

      >you are gonna have fun reading this but I hope I can get along the
      >MEANING of it, and you put it into nice english words. that a deal?

      I am *very* grateful for any help you can give.

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