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1689Re: [cooking_rumpolt] Welcome

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  • Nicole Uhl
    Apr 30, 2012
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      Thank you :-)

      A little introduction to who I am:

      My name is Coco Uhl, or Robyn of Rye in the SCA, I am cooking apprentice of Master Giano Balestriere)

      I am cooking within the SCA since about eight years I think, starting off with "smaller" feasts (about 30 people) into "bigger ones". You might smile about that in the states, but around 110 people IS definitely a "big" event here in Germany ;-) (but we do have real castles :-P)

      My modern background is my Mom and Dad both being professional cooks. My dad tols me all his secrets about calculating, and my Mom schooled my taste from very early.
      I also have been translating german/english in my Job, and am now doing it for the SCA if I have time (like important BoD messages for my friends who do not speak english too well).
      I wasnt too much of a researcher, but my Master makes sure I do and intrduced to me the fun of research.

      Whats the best: I can do it on the couch ;-)

      I once thought about translating the cookbook of Sabina Welserin, but fortunately found out that it has been translated already before I started on the project. At this time I was very much into the german late medieval cooking field, and of course came across Rumpolt, who is definitely, from what I can tell, the most popular original cookbook used here in germany.
      It was quite a surprise to me that Welserin was translated yet, but Rumpolt wasnt.

      Even though I moved on to another time and place in my cooking (I am currently in Romes fine Kitchen after exploring the early period Arabs) I would love to help this translation a bit and maybe also to learn more about translatig such old texts.


      Robyn (will take some time to go through the translation now ;-) )


      Seit ich das Wort "Dings" kenne kann ich ALLES erklären!

      Von: Sharon Palmer <ranvaig@...>
      An: cooking_rumpolt@yahoogroups.com
      Gesendet: 17:22 Montag, 30.April 2012
      Betreff: Re: [cooking_rumpolt] Welcome

      >Welcome to Cooking Rumpolt, We have a couple of new members. The
      >translations are in the File section for download. Feel free to ask
      >questions. Mostly I talk about translation issues, but I *love* to
      >hear about people using the recipes, or even just reading them.

      And more new members. Welcome Selene and Robin of Rye.


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