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150[cooking_rumpolt] Re: Vom Lamb 2

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  • ranvaig@columbus.rr.com
    Oct 29, 2008
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      >this seems to be Lamb 1 repeated, but no lamb 2?


      2. Köpff eynzumachen. Säuber ihn auß alßo ganz/ nim~ darüber ein Rindtfleischbrüh/ die nicht versaltzen ist/ vnd wenn du vermeynest/ daß schier an die statt gesotten/ so nim~ Eyerdotter vnd Essig/ geuß es in die Brüh/ so wirt es weiß/ thu auch ein wenig grüne Kräuter/ vnd vngesaltzene frische Butter darein/ vnd laß es nickt lang seiden/ es wirt sonst gerinnen von dem Ey/ vnnd zusammen lauffen/ so ist es weder zierlich noch leiblich.

      To prepare head. Clean it out therefore whole/ take over it a beef broth/ that is not over salted/ and when you think/ that it has simmered until almost done/ then take egg yolks and vinegar/ pour them in the broth/ so it becomes white/ also add a little green herbs/ and unsalted fresh butter in it/ and let it simmer for not long/ it will otherwise curdle from the eggs/ and run together/ so is it neither dainty or real.

      And thank you for your corrections. I'm trying to pull together the stuff I've done over the last year, to present at the KWCB. It's not quite settled, but it looks like we will go.

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